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Product Features

10 MS Poster-Intro (X stand)
  • Composed of interchangeable wall panels allow flexibility in the placement of doors & windows, creating a unique working space as you desire.

  • It can combine units to up-size or down-size, giving you the ability to work with any site challenges     &    footprint   constraints.

  • Built with durable material & high quality finishing, built-in internal M&E parts such as LED lighting, standard plug & air-conditioner.

  • You can enjoy a bright, safe & professional environment with a fresh, innovation design, both internal & external.

  • Its modular steel frame structure system increased by up to 75% faster set-up time than conventional method.

  • Insulated roof & wall panels, LED lighting make it energy efficient & cost effective.

  • It is an eco-friendly system which designed for optimal reuse.

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